Now is the Time to End the Embarrassment? Buying homes, cars and applying for a new job is hard enough without worrying about credit rejection. Poor credit scores can be fixed so you can once again  enjoy the better things in life you deserve. 

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The Process


Step 1: Forward your credit reports .
  First off, we send for all three of the major credit bureaus. The credit bureaus will only give the credit report to you and no one else. Once the reports are sent to you, forward copies of them to TRW Credit Group, LLP's office (TRW Credit Group). It is crucial that TRW Credit Group receives the reports in order to fight for you.

Step 2: TRW Credit Group will dispute all negative items.
  As soon as, the credit reports are forwarded to TRW Credit Group, your credit analyst will dispute all the negative items on your reports for accuracy and compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Laws.

Step 3: TRW Credit Group works your case.
  TRW Credit Group will begin to work your case and fight as hard as they can to fulfill your wishes. The amount of items we choose to repair will factor into how many times step 3 is repeated.

Step 4: Sit back and relax .
  The credit bureaus will be given 30 days to evaluate our challenge. After the 30 days have passed, they will inform you of the results, update your credit report, and they will send you a copy of the updated report. It takes approximately 36 days from the day TRW Credit Group sends the dispute until the day you receive your updated report. Once you get your updated report status, make copies and send a copy of the original file to TRW Credit Group. If there are more items you wish to have corrected, then we will repeat the steps once more.

If you sign up, TRW Credit Group will offer you:

Unlimited Disputes
  Other companies will have you pay a charge for every dispute filed per bureau. You'd be getting charged three times for every dispute made. TRW Credit Group doesn't believe that is ethical, and will not charge you a dime or a penny for any dispute.

Unlimited Deletions
  Just like unlimited disputes, TRW Credit Group will not charge you at all for deletions -- unlike other companies.

Unlimited Support
  A toll-free number and free e-mail support is made available to you for absolutely nothing.

Full Refund Policy
  If we don't improve your credit we will refund your money

  No Hidden Fees
None whatsoever. Don't bother trying, you will not find a single hidden fee. All you pay is a one-time fee and that's it. Absolutely nothing else.

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