Now is the Time to End the Embarrassment? Buying homes, cars and applying for a new job is hard enough without worrying about credit rejection. Poor credit scores can be fixed so you can once again  enjoy the better things in life you deserve. 

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How It Works

The three major credit reporting agencies (CRAs) are Equifax, Experian and Trans Union. These are multi-million dollar corporations that operate for profit, like all other corporations. They are not affiliated with the government in any way. They make their money selling your personal information to creditors for credit and insurance offers. They also sell your information to employers and landlords but worst of all they sell your private personal information to telemarketers and mailing list companies, all without your permission. The point we’re trying to make here is that these big corporations do not have your best interest in mind. They will admit that errors exist on credit bureaus but they go on to state it is not their job to ensure the information is accurate. It is up to you, the consumer, to prove that their report is inaccurate.

»  What we do and how we are different
The Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Credit Protection Act have enacted hundreds of regulations that credit reporting companies, collection agencies and credit bureaus must comply with in order for any reported item to remain on your report. When TRW Credit Group L.L.P. receives your file, a skilled credit analyst reviews your reports to determine which items can be challenged that when removed will result in an improved credit score. TRW Credit Group L.L.P. then challenges derogatory items, with a letter demanding the reporting company prove that they are in compliance with the laws and regulations and remove the challenged item. This process is repeated with each of the three major reporting agencies. When this process is complete, a report is sent to the client detailing the steps that have been taken.

Within 60 to 90 days, the credit bureaus respond with a verification or deletion summary that shows the results of each challenge made. Overall average success rate is between 85% and 95% of unverifiable derogatory items removed. Best of all, the items that tend to be removed first are those that are the most harm your credit, such as bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments, charge-off, repossessions, student loans. While the full process takes up to four months, many clients see enough improvement their score to allow them to qualify for a mortgage or low interest car loan in as little as 45 to 90 days.

»  How will I get updates on my file?
Credit reports will arrive first at your home and then you will forward them to us in the mailing envelope provided. When we accomplish deletions and improvements, you will see them first on your credit report. We ask that you follow the instructions that you will receive from us and mail all correspondences from the credit reporting agencies to our offices so that we can maintain contact with each other during the credit restoration process.

»  The details
The Credit Repair Service we provide utilizes state-of-the-art computer technology so that we may help you better than any other credit repair service. We developed a tracking system that will not allow anything to "slip through the cracks". You can rely on our extensive knowledge of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the
Fair Debt Collections Practice Act, along with our many years of experience and time proven letter writing, forms and Lawful Notices. Our service can remove inaccurate negative unverifiable and incomplete information from your credit reports with all three major credit reporting agencies. This includes removing charge offs, bankruptcies, tax liens, judgments, repo's, foreclosures, student loans, and slow pays. We realize how that sounds, but it's true! We have had great success helping people with every kind of credit problem. After utilizing our service, many of our clients have gone on to buy a new home, a new car, adopt a baby or just met the credit needs of their family by buying new appliances for their home that they couldn't do before.

Our Credit Repair Service has helped thousands of people restore their credit and raise their Beacon Score. There are people out there that say they can repair your credit for less money but that old saying of "You get what you pay for" is something you need to consider. If you don't send in your credit reports to them, they don't care, that's just less work for them to do. They already have your money! We've repaired thousands and thousands of credit reports after they paid these "fly-by-night" guys to do it. We can save you thousands of dollars in interest by raising your credit score. We charge only a one-time low fee of $699.00 for our complete service. No ongoing fees just that low, one-time fee. And, you don't pay if we don't improve your credit profile!!!


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