Now is the Time to End the Embarrassment? Buying homes, cars and applying for a new job is hard enough without worrying about credit rejection. Poor credit scores can be fixed so you can once again  enjoy the better things in life you deserve. 

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Bad Credit

Having negative items on your credit report, whether accurate or not, will cause you problems in three areas of your life:

  Higher Interest Rates- If you have a low credit score you will pay higher interest rates on everything from car loans to home mortgages. That is assuming that you would qualify at all.

   Employment– Many companies will run a credit report on you before they will hire you, especially banks, retail stores or anywhere else that handles cash. These companies view someone with bad credit as being at a higher risk of theft or fraud.

  Home & Auto Insurance Almost every insurance company will check your credit. You will be charged higher premiums if your credit is bad because they see you as more of a risk for insurance fraud.

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